Cause and Effect: Shedding of the Ego

Shedding the skin of the past, emerging in the present with a renewed sense of vigour. The oppressive enclave of negative has subsided but the reprocussions must go on a while longer. Ego torn actions, words and choices as with everything in life has a cause and effect. What is it about the ego that […]

Energy Boost Technique: Light Core Connection

Light Core Connection I was given this exercise or practice in order to pass on to students and clients as a means of an energy boost by infusing your body and Auric field with source and earth energies. Both energy sources are readily available but often not utilised properly.  In its natural state it did not […]

Reiki Practitioner Workshop

Upcoming: Reiki Level 2 Class in Belfast Learn Reiki healing symbols and distant healing Date: Saturday 11th May 2019 Venue: 211a Lisburn Road, Belfast Time: 10.30-4.30pm Investment: £160 (small deposit required to secure place) Enquiries: Limited places available – 07428060338 Book this Course   Introduction Reiki level one was mainly for healing and empowering the self, whereas Reiki […]

Reiki for Beginners Workshop

Upcoming: Reiki Level One Class Date: Sunday 19th October 2019 Venue: 211a Lisburn Road Time: 10.30am- 5pm Investment: £120 (Places are limited & deposit required to secure place) Book this Course   Why learn Reiki? There are many reasons to learn Reiki, as it is an add-on, a top-up, an enhancement to yourself and can be used […]

Seek the truth, heal the self

Introduction: I was asked to do a talk a while back and the following writing was inspired by that request. It came out as a passionate, part channeled, part inspired and some logical reasoning to how we can view things from a different perspective by just tilting our heads, opening our eyes and seeing the […]