Seek the truth, heal the self

Healing with truth seeking


I was asked to do a talk a while back and the following writing was inspired by that request. It came out as a passionate, part channeled, part inspired and some logical reasoning to how we can view things from a different perspective by just tilting our heads, opening our eyes and seeing the bigger picture.

Your own truth

Healing can come from anything, anybody at any time and it can come in all shapes and size.  For example, when you are having a bad day and it couldn’t get any worse, a hug from a partner or family member or the sense of being at home may take ‘the badness’ away. The comfort of a pet, the conversation with a neighbour, a walk in the park, listening to music you enjoy can also offer some healing and reassurance.  The most important type of healing, comfort and reassurance is knowing that when you die you’re not ‘dead’, you transcend to another aspect of yourself, that loved ones who have already made that transition are safe, are loved and are taken care of and also taking care of you.  That is the gift of remembering the truth.

So what’s the next step from realising or remembering there is life, after life on this plane? It is to remember who you really are, whilst still in a physical body. It’s the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Once you entertain the idea of being spirit having a physical experience, all possibilities are presented. Preconceived notions and previous beliefs that are not beneficial for you disappear. It’s like someone has raised your consciousness, touched you on the head, and awakened you to the truth of, the biggest plan there is.  The greatest lie ever told was that ‘we are what we see’. It is the opposite, ‘we are what we cannot see’, what we cannot hear, what we cannot touch.

In the beginning there was no-thing but every-thing. We were and are all one, spawned from the conception of what we call the divine spark. In the beginning we were everything and no-thing, for Divine Source to experience who he/she is and is not, through who we are and who we are not.  We agreed to be here and now for us to experience ourselves as separate personalities, and from our unique experiential perspective our higher selves and universal father accumulate all experiences for our spiritual growth.

We were not born of sin, we were born of love, we were not born into strife, we were born into adventure. We knew exactly why we were here, as we chose our families, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers. We chose our children, our friends; we chose our own lives….but why? Because we need our own experience in order to develop ourselves spiritually, and to grow, to remember and most importantly to love.

Two key emotions

Every emotion, thought and action is born out of 2 ideals: ‘fear’ and ‘love’. We have only 2 choices to make in life and unfortunately most stem from fear.  The fear of loss, the fear of not having enough, the fear of not being loved enough, the fear of disappointment, the fear of ridicule and the fear of the unknown.  This can breed jealousy, hate and denial but if you choose love then the world responds in that way, like a ripple effect. The love from relationships, family, friends and fellow man, and most importantly the love of yourself, which breeds joy, generosity, patience, integrity, honour, truth and peace. Choose to love yourself, and by giving you the chance to make steps in the right direction, can be the greatest healing there is and to be free from the shackles of the oppressive fear driven society we live in.

We are all one, we are all made from the same physical material, we get sick the same, we express happiness the same, go through sadness the same. Our nervous system and bodily functions are the same. So why do we feel so different, so separated from everyone else? Again this is just an illusion of what you can’t see, for ‘we are light’, ‘we are the spark of the divine’.

Your intuition

We are manifestations of our higher selves. Our higher selves want the best for us in every way. They wait, watch, guide, love and try to communicate every way possible with us.  If only we listen, just for a moment, just for the right words to say, the right action to take, and the right path to walk.  Our higher selves are trying to get US to remember why we came here in the first place. Why not sit for 15 minutes and listen for those words, symbols and inspirations and wait for the answers to questions we have been asking!  We have our loved ones doing exactly the same. Our angels and guides all urging us to be still and know, to remember life as it should be, that’s why meditation is so important to be out of your head and into your heart, to quieten the chatter and hear the words of wisdom and truth.

Healing the root cause from within

A lot of people think healing is upon the physical body alone for ailments and sickness known as dis-ease (which is a dis-harmony within you). It can begin as an imbalance of your energy bodies which turn into physical ailments.  Your Physical body, Etheric body, Emotional body, and your Mental and Spiritual bodies, are the simplified five main bodies of our auric field. They work in conjunction, and interact with one another based and reflect or project elements for self reflection. For example, you’re ‘stressed out’ which is an emotional and mental imbalance, can manifest on the physical body as high blood pressure, fatigue, ulcers and a multitude of other ailments. A self reflection would be the acknowledgement, acceptance and resolution of the root cause.

The magnitude of the physical effects is also dependent upon the spiritual nature, spiritual contract and mental resolve of the person, that’s why some people heal quicker than others.  Two people with the same dis-ease can have two different outcomes. Therefore, it is important to be kind to yourself and look at the real reasons why you may have a physical ailment. We have in our system practical help for emotional and mental stress and depression, we have a plethora of tablets, prescribed drugs and other drugs to ‘ease or bury’ the burden chemically but ultimately the buck stops with ourselves no-one else! so why not look within.

Self responsibility, first

It’s the same when healers practice Energy healing & Spiritual healing, perform healing. In order to be clear and pure channels for the healing energies, we need to balance ourselves, do a self analysis, face up to and resolve any issues we have. It may take many years but without helping ourselves we could not help others.  We need to take some self responsibility and choose to step into our own by working on ourselves.  The Dalai Lama once said that ‘Our prime purpose in life is to help others’ but how can we help others, if we can’t help ourselves?  Healers heal from the heart centre out of compassion and channeled unconditional love, something that Jesus and many others knew but again we need to truly love ourselves first.  Sometimes we’re not ready to talk about or express our feelings, issues or mental states and hold it all in.  Sometimes we are ready to talk but are afraid of opening up a ‘can of worms’ so to speak.

Spirit connection to health

It is said that spirit care for us as spiritual beings, manifest as physical beings. That their prime interest for us is our spirit body, at our spirit level, as this is the place that transcends the other bodies. This is who we really are.  When we get to a place, were we have that spiritual connection to ourselves, to source and to other people, then all else falls into place.

That’s why when you see people who are in touch with their spiritual selves they seem so happy, content, peaceful, at one with themselves and everyone else. The reason being, they have that balance at the spirit body level, which in turn cascades down through their other energy bodies. They have mental clarity, emotional balance and stability and are physically healthy.  Most importantly this allows for the communication from their higher selves, our intuition selves called ‘I AM’.

Now is the time…

Now is the time to remember what you already know and have known.
Now is the time to get back to knowing our real selves.
Now is the time to re-establish that connection with the divine.
We can do it here, on this plane before we move onto the next.
Take the first step and go within,
Take the first step  and experience the unseen,
Take the time to feel your own being, to balance and to heal.

The definitions of healing in the dictionary are: ‘To become whole and sound; return to health’ and ‘to restore to spiritual wholeness’. So why not give yourself the gift of experiencing the healing energies from source, allow yourself the time for you and go within.

Inspired Poem

This poem came to me, when i was writing this.

Day by day…

Day by day we wake into the world
day by day we wonder what the day holds
day by day we seek approval from others
day by day we worry for material things that seem important
day by day we pass one another, we feel we are separate, we feel like the others
day turns to night when we quieten our minds, we escape, we dream, we close our eyes.

If only we realised that we commune with our higher selves nightly
our ‘I AM’ selves are showing us the way
our loved ones come sometimes to convey, the things we did or did not say
night turns to day and we wake to realise that we are more than the bodies we wear
we are more than what society makes out; we are part of the illusion.
our problems are in perspective to our internal light, that spark of the divine then shines so bright.

We open our eyes with a renewed sense of vigour, we our excited, optimistic
but above all we are in grateful appreciation of why we are here, and know we are never alone from one life to next, as we remember our agreement
that it is here that we stand to experience things, to experience life through the eyes of the divine plan.

We stumble, we loose track along the way but being still and knowing who you really are is all that needs to be said
so turn to yourself in times of need and through the help of the divine we will heal, what we need to heal
love your family, your neighbour and love yourself and know we are all one, we are all connected for ‘we are spirit’, ‘we are light’, ‘we are the spark of the divine’.


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