Cause and Effect: Shedding of the Ego

cause and effect

Shedding the skin of the past, emerging in the present with a renewed sense of vigour.
The oppressive enclave of negative has subsided but the reprocussions must go on a while longer.
Ego torn actions, words and choices as with everything in life has a cause and effect.
What is it about the ego that makes man step on fellow man?  Is it the causation of fear?
The perpetual motion of this wheel of jealousy, greed and sabotage is fed by this basic and primitive emotion.
The effect like a ripple has affected so many now that the reverberations have touched their conscious awareness and one by one are seeing the truth; exercising their own free will.
There is no right or wrong but the laws of the universe are at work.  Like in tennis returning the ball…its now in your court!
What do you do?  Again the choice is there to correct the cause to minimise the effect but the spiral of deceit and web of lies is getting thicker and more dense.
Some will be converted and convinced by the convincing but others who know too well, will see through the veil of feeble words and half baked melodies of untruths.
As the universe listens and watches the ball, the cause is confident they have averted the fall but fate, karma has another plan, as the spiritual should know the error of their ways.
The effect is twice as quick, the fall is three fold and all that is left is a bitter ego…a scorned and bruised ego.
Again there is no right or wrong but only the choices in life.  Take heed and notice that life is about connectedness with one another and when that is gone, and when the time comes…
you wonder and look back at the cause and effect.

PD 8th June 2011

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