Reiki for Beginners Workshop

Upcoming: Reiki Level One Class

Date: 25th of February 
Venue: Ballylesson Road, Belfast
Time: 10.30am- 4.30pm
Investment: £160 (Places are limited & deposit required to secure place)

Why learn Reiki?

There are many reasons to learn Reiki, as it is an add-on, a top-up, an enhancement to yourself and can be used within all areas of your life. There are many Benefits of Reiki but ultimately facilitates in accessing that part of you, that you know is there but have lost touch with. At various times in our lives certain events, situations, things happen and you change as a result of them. It is all part of the plan to get you were you need to be but you may not see the reason ‘in the madness’ or the ‘sun between the clouds’. By opening up to universal energies (which Reiki is a part of) you can own and accept these events and situations to move on with your life and claim back that person who was there all along. Everything in life is about self-responsibility and making decisions to care for yourself..after all, your life, is all about you!

Applying Reiki in life situations


Everyone is stressed at one time or another whether its due to work, your personal life or a burden that is now yours.  If this stress is continuous and now a constant state of being, something has to give which is usually your physical body and emotional well-being. By utilising Reiki on a regular basis you can alleviate the symptoms of stress and get to the root cause. Then when the time is right, you may make the right decision about the root cause of the stress. 


Lack of sleep, unfortunately (but all by-products make you look at the reason why this is so) is a by-product of stress and depression. One of the physical responses to stress is a rising of adrenalin in the body, linked to the brain and nervous system. Overstimulation of the gland that produces this chemical, can lead to adverse physical manifestations. Reiki works on the nervous system and brain functions, which in turn help regulate the adrenal gland to ‘relax’ your body’s state of heightened stress. Why not have a life tool, which can help you with this condition or state of being.

Energy boost

You wake up tired and that journey to work is endless. Running Reiki at that moment can give you an energy boost, whether you are in the car or on the bus, it doesn’t matter. Once you switch it on, it will work on autopilot, so you can still focus on what you are doing.

Enhancing Meditations, Empowering Affirmations and manifestations

Reiki can help enhance the practice of meditation as it opens up the crown and third eye chakras, to bring you into a deeper space of stillness. It can also help with your intuition and other intuitive practices.

Everything is to do with the power of intent backed up with a vibrational frequency to cement a manifestation or affirmation. A high and balanced vibration will align you to your intent easier and quicker, in cooperation with your highest good.  Like attracts like and the law of attraction is evidence to that fact.  You can use the Reiki vibration to instill more intent and energy into these practices but its also your own vibrational alignment that will enhance and quicken the process.

A Reiki level one attunement, is seen as an introduction to the energy vibration, which is for use on yourself, in healing yourself and working on areas in your life that need some TLC. You can also use the energy for your family, children, pets, plants and to cleanse food and water. As everything is energy, then there are unlimited uses to the application of the Reiki energy in your daily life.

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