Reiki Mastership Programme

Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master Levels (8-month programme)

Plus Intuitive Dowsing and Reiki Crystal Healing

Duration: September 2022 – April 2024
Venue: Malone Road Belfast
Investment: £650 (Payment options available) / Early Bird until 1st July £590
Enquiries: Limited places available – 07428060338

The Reiki Mastership programme includes all of the Reiki levels at specified times throughout the 6 month period you become a Reiki Master, with the added benefit of spreading the costs over a 6 month period.  Reiki is first and foremost for self-development, growth, healing and can is very powerful in assisting the removal of blockages in your life.  Some people would use the techniques and the lovely healing energy for themselves, family and friends, and may not wish to offer it out as a service.   Yoga or meditation may be of interest to you or you practice these and want to develop your practice further.  You may have a physical or emotional imbalance or distress that you wish to move on from or you may just wish to experience the energy, help someone within your family or use it to help you along your path and your daily life.

Others may wish to offer it out to help other people and share this wonderful healing energy.  These people may be already in a caring profession or in a job which they interact with a lot of people, such as Nurses, health professionals, beauty & hair, yoga teacher, meditation practitioner, complementary therapists but being in any of these professions is not necessary.  I have had people who have a full-time job but would offer Reiki as a part-time service or ad-hoc basis but also those who are looking for a change in direction.  I have found over the years that connections are made between students at the very first workshop. It’s an opportunity to connect with others of like mind and to grow and develop with each other. This is particularly evident with Reiki Mastership programme groups, as its the same group of people going through their amazing journey together, which can forge long-lasting connections.

Reiki works for the purpose that each individual requires and there are no limitations in its application.

Reiki Level 1 – 10th September 2023

This is the foundation level and is the basis of other Reiki levels. We look at what Reiki is and the application to real life and go through the body’s energy field and chakras.  Although Reiki level one is primarily about healing yourself and setting aside time to gift yourself some energy, you will learn how to give self-treatments and how to give a full Reiki treatment on others.  We will discuss how energy works in relation to your soul, your emotions and the physical body.  You will have an understanding of the principles of cause & effect, as well as resonance and how it is possible to change repeating patterns and triggers.  More information on Reiki level 1

Reiki Level 2 – 26th November 2023

You will become a Reiki practitioner after this workshop and you can set up your own Reiki practice.  At this workshop, we go in-depth on how to carry out a full Reiki treatment and setting up your own practice.  The 3 symbols are shown, discussed and learned, as well as their application for healing treatments.  Another important part of Reiki level 2 is how to perform distance healing on those who are either in hospital, in other areas or to the past, present or future (e.g. future surgery).  There is a multitude of ways to doing this and we will go through them.  We can also use Reiki techniques to enhance affirmations, meditations, manifestations, and intentions. More information on Reiki 2

Intuitive Dowsing & Reiki Crystal Healing – 21st Jan 2024

Reiki and crystal healing are complimentary and can be used within the same healing session.  Crystals can hold their own vibrational patterns to bring the energy field into balance and are a healing force within themselves. Some crystals can be programmed to also hold the vibration of Reiki for various healing purposes to include clearing and protection.  In using both together we can utilise the full intent and amplification of energy within a healing session and add to the sacred healing space.  Dowsing is a process of using are intuitive processes to either plan a healing session or make adjustments to them.  By using a pendulum for dowsing, we can find out which chakras are out of balance, which healing technique to use and which crystals to use for each chakra.   When I say healing session I mean when doing self-healing and on friends & family or of course if you choose to offer your services out to the public.  You can see how we can widen the spectrum of our intuitive and healing capacity by using crystals and dowsing within our healing practice.  We will cover most of the following: Reiki Crystal Healing

Reiki Master Level -18th February 2024

You will become a Reiki Master after this workshop, which includes another attunement along with the Reiki Master symbol and other powerful symbols to add to the healing channel work that will unfold.  Your vibration will be raised even further and will complete the Reiki attunement series.  This is an important level for your lifelong commitment to the Reiki energies.  You will become a Reiki master which is a commitment to yourself in alignment with your higher-self that you are to be of service to yourself, in turn being a service to others.  I will also be introducing Crystal healing techniques taken from my Crystal healing for beginners workshop.  It is a completion of the Reiki attunements but a true beginning to the rest of your being. More information on Reiki Master Level

Awareness of Mastery – Advanced Self Healing -7th April 2024

Every scene and interaction in your life is something that may define how you are. We will go into depth about how everything and everyone is showing you something about yourself. Awareness and the ‘letting go’ of the things that deplete your energy and hamper your body from healing itself is part of the initial process. You will learn how to view life, people and situations in a whole new way. We will go through techniques learned in Reiki and a few new techniques to enhance your awareness to free yourself from energetic ties that no longer serve you and help you on your way towards your own mastery.

This unique programme also includes:

  • Comprehensive manual & certificates
  • Ongoing support
  • 3 x 2 hour practice days were you can practice on fellow students to build confidence and share experiences
  • Complimentary meditations and energy exercises


  • 26th Nov
  • 21st Jan
  • 7th April

Case Study Submissions:

  • 26th Nov
  • 18th Feb

Investment for the Reiki Mastership programme is broken down as follows:

Price: £650
Deposit: £150
Payment Options available: In full, Two instalments or 8 instalments of £62.50

Places are limited, so in order to book your place complete the booking form and select Reiki Mastership Programme and I will get back to you.

Deposits are nonrefundable, see terms & additional information- Course Schedule

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