Energy Boost Technique: Light Core Connection

Light Core Connection

I was given this exercise or practice in order to pass on to students and clients as a means of an energy boost by infusing your body and Auric field with source and earth energies. Both energy sources are readily available but often not utilised properly.  In its natural state it did not include the holding of the Perineum but whilst doing this exercise myself i found that it is most beneficial to hold this area at the point and released at the step stated below.  The holding of the Perineum enhances the ability to hold and build the energy for the upper part of the body and the release point helps with the flow through the Root Chakra to the Inner Sun of the Planet.

Light Core Connection ExerciseThis exercise not only gives the cells, organs, cells and tissues of the body vitality but also your Etheric bodies in keeping them strong and protected.  You can stimulate and maintain your immune system and circumvent any preconditions.  It also helps to clear your hara energy channels and stay both connected and grounded.

The Light Core Connection technique should be done daily for the next 7 days, if you miss a day do not worry but continue the next day, as the importance is maintaining a practice, a habit of doing the exercise.  Maintaining the practice even if you have missed a day will start breaking down resistance to your mind in giving up so easily.  We are creatures of habit some habits are beneficial others are not, so we want to create space and time for the habits which are beneficial.  It would also be beneficial to keep a log (download the 7 day track of practice below) of  how you are right now before you begin the practice, each day after doing the practice and at the end of the 7 days, recap over the changes that have occurred as a result.  I strongly believe that every person should experience things for themselves because that’s what life is about, its not about experiencing life through words and conversations via other people.  If you feel at the end of the 7 days that this technique has been beneficial then continue to use it.

Terms for this technique:

Crown Chakra
This Chakra is located on the crown of your head and one of its many functions is to establish and maintain universal and spiritual connections. No colour is necessary for this technique

Root Chakra
The Root Chakra is located between your legs, at the base of your spinal column near the coccyx and also governs the Perineum.  One of its functions is to allow access to earth energies and our connection to physical life.  No colour is necessary for this technique

Tanden (Lower)
The Tanden also known as the Dantien or Dantian is our body’s energy storage and used by those in the East including martial artists for harnessing and accessing body energy.  It is located below the navel about 3 finger widths from the belly button and 2 finger widths inward.

The Perineum is located half way between the anal opening and the genitals.  Its is governed by the Root Chakra and is the contact point for both the Govenor channel (up the front of the body) and Functional Channel (Middle back of the body over the head).  It is responsible for many things to include stopping the leakage of energy from the upper body and facilitates connection to the earth force.

Universal Sun
Seen as the supreme sun is one which radiates throughout the universe and the place from which we receive our essence and eternal energy.  It is representative of our higher self, spirit self, as one with the universal mind. Imagine it like our own sun.

Inner Sun of Planet
Our planet has its own core energies, which we should be utilising but we should also be transferring more energy to its core.  The Inner Sun of the Planet like our Solar System Sun in the sky is creating and sustaining life for all its inhabitants.  This can be visualised like our own sun.

Light Core Connection Technique

Getting started: You can begin by either sitting on a chair, sitting in lotus position or standing either way is just as effective but ensure back is straight and imagine your head is hanging on a string from the centre of your head (this will both straighten your neck but keep it soft and flexible).  Make sure that there is no disturbance and if you have a preparation for meditation, you can also do this but it is not necessary.  Breathing will be through the nostrils only and will be deep and slow.
Time to complete:  3-5 mins
Recommended schedule: Morning and anytime throughout the day for at least 7 days.  It is also recommended continuously as part of your daily practices.
Documentation: 7 Day track of Practice

  1. Focus on the crown of your head (known as the Crown Chakra) and begin to see it open like petals of a flower one at a time.
  2. Once opened visualise a beam of light emerging from the crown connecting to the Universal Sun
  3. Imagine the golden light of the sun coming into your Crown and making its way down to your feet, through the centre of your body.
  4. Once at the feet imagine roots growing out of the soles of your feet (or if in lotus position the Roots are coming from your Root Chakra) down into the centre of the planet connecting to the Inner Sun of the Planet (We have now created a link balance polarity of both Universal Sun and Inner Planet Sun).
  5. Now focus on your Tanden or Dantien (Don’t worry about exact location, it will heat up and let you know where it is)
  6. Contract or gently clench your Perineum & Anus and with each inhalation imagine the energy again coming from the Universal Sun into your Tanden.  As you exhale your Tandem is getting brighter and brighter.  Do this 7 times.
  7. Release your Perineum and imagine the energy flowing down and connecting to the Planets Inner Sun.
  8. Do the same thing with this Sun as we did with the Universal sun.  So with each inhalation bring the energy up from the Planets Inner Sun into the Tanden and as you exhale the Tanden is getting brighter and brighter.  Do this 7 times.
  9. Now focus your attention on the Tanden with each inhalation but this time the see the bright white energy pulsating from it and encompassing into every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and finish at your skin in your body as they get brighter and brighter, with each exhalation.  Do this until you have reached the skin.
  10. Now Imagine energy coming into the Tanden from both the Universal Sun and Planet’s Sun at the same time as you inhale and as you exhale you are extending the bright white energy into your auric field, as it gets brighter and brighter.  Do this 9 times.
  11. You are now aware of your connection to the Universal Sun, the Inner Sun of the Planet, through your Tanden and that your body and Auric field is bright white.
  12. To finish you can imagine a thin line around your Auric field (which is shaped like an egg) this is to seal the energy within your field.

If you wish to keep this connection throughout the day keep the image of that connection to both Suns and bright white light pulsating out of your Tanden into your body and Auric field (as in step 10).

As mentioned above there are many benefits from this technique but there are more with continued practice 😉  Please feel free to email me with your progress.

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