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Journalling is one of the most important activities that you can do for self analysis, self awareness and mindfulness to help you move forward in your life.  I know that’s a very profound statement to something that has been around for centuries and in recent times, as a means of venting teenage nostalgic hormonal outbursts.  Aha! is there a healing element to teenagers expressing themselves in this way?  Is it a place to make sense of their lives and record the good, the bad and the no so good!  Yes of course but on a deeper level than what is on the surface.  The nostalgia comes later, when reading over those pages of life’s lessons and you identify where you are now and how far you have come, in comparison.  There may be an identification of who had an influence on you on your life journey and what situations had unfolded to shape who you are today. You may see the paths in which your life had weaved, ascended and descended to the crossroads, that winded you to where you are today.

I began journalling a number of years ago when my Reiki path was in its infancy but my Spiritual path was a bit further down the road.  It was suggested that we keep a record, a diary, a journal of what transpired over the 21 days of self-healing, which is the norm after a Reiki attunement. I thought that this was the key to tracking my life and ensuring the good, the mystical and the inspired moments were recorded and never forgotten.  It transpired that it also helped me observe and record my daily interactions, actions, situations and events that unfolded.  I started to look at elements within my life as my own creation and resulted in a greater awareness of my emotions and triggers, that I needed to visit and change.  I knew that I would have more opportunities to change my actions or even better, not to react and take the mindful route of being present. Everything cycles in life until we get the message.

These cycles are the returning of a pre-sent moment to give us the insight we need about ourselves, so we can move on in our lives with a clear understanding of who we really are, in the scheme of creation.  I know i’m jumping way ahead and getting a bit deep but ultimately our story begins at birth and we spend our lives searching for something, nearly remembering that which slips through our mind.  Like a deja vu or an imprint of a remembering that we once had before.

Until we are aware of our own lives and take responsibility for our own stuff by releasing and letting go, we can take a step forward to remembering why we are here and our role within our story!


Reiki practice Logging and tracking

Using your journal for documenting self-treatments is a great way to gain insights into your emotions, thoughts, and healings that occur.

Logging and tracking treatments that you do on others is a powerful way to ascertain your progression in healing.  Gaining insight into your own particular unique way of healing and the intuitive communication process that happens during a session.  Communication usually happens in metaphors, picture messages, words, feelings, and even songs.  Logging these are a great way to know what the message means.  Logging sensations, movements, actions, and colours etc. (the list goes on) but it’s important to record them for future reference.

If you meditate, you can record what you experience and you may be presented with insights that asist you in life.  Going a little bit deepit’s its paramount to record experiences, insights and soul communications either from your higher self or your guides.  These experiences are entangled with the different layers of consciousness and can easily be misinterpreted or pieces forgotten, so its good practice to log these right away.


Journalling as a powerful tool for self transformation


Everyday is anhuman brain and memory opportunity to heal and transform.  Scientific research states that the act of writing or typing accesses your left brain, which is logical, analytical and rational. While your left brain is preoccupied, your right brain is free to create, intuit and feel. Writing therefore removes mental blocks, helps to externalise thoughts and feelings, almost like a ‘brain dump’.  This allows you to momentarily clear the filters, blocks and resistance to gain intuitive insight about yourself and creates the space for a balanced ‘ brain connection’.

The brain is the information screen of our thoughts but it is our subconscious that is the storage house.  It’s interesting that the bad stuff in our lives tend to be ready for recall at the drop of a hat, whether it was invited or not.  Good memories and emotions seem to be very few and far between for some, as the bad takes precedent over the good.  Even though there are so many good memories, they don’t get a look in due to the programming of the mind.  The programming could be filled with thoughts and beliefs around guilt, blame and possibly of being unworthy.  Once something ‘bad’ happens it puts the mind into a spiral of attracting similar and familiar recalls of bad experiences, which justifies and confirms the initial memory recall and associated feelings.  It is a self-fulfilling mechanism, which constantly reinforces itself.  The underlying principle of this cycle of ‘bad’ memories or emotions is a protection system set up by your subconscious so that you do not get hurt again or have an unfavourable situation happen again.

How about being able to recall good memories and change the way our storage house sends these thoughts and feelings to the brain? This is achieved by instilling positivity into your life and replace those old thought patterns.

We need to take a step backward in order to move forward. Yes, you read this correctly! By stepping back into our subconscious resources to recall good, positive memories and feelings, we can change the program of our mind. When we think and feel about all the good stuff in our lives we empower ourselves, we break the pattern of the belief of unworthiness and we start being grateful.  We are also sending the message to our subconscious that it is safe, we are safe and we no longer need to be protected.

Gratefulness and appreciation are powerful emotions and among the highest vibrations states to be, next to joy and love. How about getting to the feeling of joy through gratitude and appreciation of the things in your life, simply by remembering them and writing them down. This practice also releases endorphins and dopamine that will physiologically boost your mood.

Sounds simple, right? That’s how simple it can be! With every bad memory recall, there is always a corresponding dualistic positive memory. Whether it is a memory of a certain interaction with a person or a situation or an event, there is always positivity. One personal example, is a memory of my grandad in a coffin in my family home, i was only six. I had no understanding of the death experience and no idea what was going on and why my father figure was no longer with us. The positive memory recall i have is not of the that scene but of how he always walked me to school and the good memories i have to cherish, like the ‘Chips-highway patrol’ book he purchased for me in Smithfield market when i was crippled with a migraine. I am grateful i got to know him and i can still feel the connection now as i type because of this feeling of love, appreciation and gratitude raising my vibration.

Another example is when i had a head injury a few years back.  It was crippling and a trying time for me, as I was bedded for six months and I still displayed symptoms for a number of years after. I know if that hadn’t happened, i would be down a slightly different path and I would not have had certain experiences. One of which lead me to travel to India to connect with the Himalayan mountains, Tibetan Buddhists and other people around the world.  The incident ultimately gave me an opportunity to connect to myself on a deeper level.

What we are doing, with this practice is associating the good with the bad, so we can have a more balanced emotional state when recalling memories but going forward, having the tools, to overcome other situations that are going to happen in our lives. Effectively, we are reprogramming our well being by practising positive emotional states, through positive memory recall.


Positive reinforcement journalling (Gratitude List)

How about sitting everyday or once a week and recalling the happy times in your life. Even if that is a stretch right now, why not start with the simple things:

  • Maybe the places where you have travelled.  The sunsets you have seen and experienced, the sound of the waves on the beach and how peaceful, it made you feel.
  • How about those events, concerts, workshops you have attended or people you have met along your journey in life. How they have impacted you positively and the learning, tools and direction that you have taken or may have taken, as a result.
  • Maybe you were walking down the street with a loved one, holding hands and recalling how it made you feel and the associated sounds of the wind or smell of cologne or perfume.  That sense of comfort, security and contentment.
  • The way your friend, family or partner made a particular meal or dish and the smell, taste and love with which it was made.  A pet that you loved and how they made you feel.
  • Something you have may have achieved in life such as an award, passing an exam or even a driving test. Maybe its something you have overcome, gained or feel proud of. Delve into those feelings of empowerment, strength, courage, satisfaction and accomplishment.

positive-negativesReach into and harness all those feelings in your life. Formulate a daily gratitude list of everything in your life and transform those thoughts! Own and honour them as your truth too! Integrate them into your way of life, into your being.  Recording, writing them down, felling, seeing, experiencing them over and over again through your journal. Reflect on them each time you feel down, fearful or discouraged for these positive feelings will transform your life, transform your thinking and reprogram your brain.

Acknowledge your subconscious thoughts, recalls, triggers and way of being, as they are a benevolent gift to show you the things that need letting go.

Positive reinforcement can help you with your daily confusions, questions, procrastinations and self doubts. We create what we thnk and feel but we also act upon these same attributes. Start building positive memories Why not create happiness and joy NOW! Why not act from a state of joy and gratitude!

A great way to enhance this process is to include affirmations.  You can write affirmations alongside your goals and maybe even daily affirmations to aid in transforming patterns.


Manifesting through journalling

As you begin to log everything, you may become more aware and mindful of yourself and in turn, you begin to remove obstacles and resistance to certain things in your life. The next step is to use journalling for manifesting and to consciously create your reality and things in your life.  You can add goals, dreams, aspirations, and desires that you wish to draw to you.  Accompany this with a vision board or use your journal as a collection of visuals like a scrap book section with pictures.   Get creative! There are lots of ways this can be done but we’ll get into that another time.


How and where to start your journal

The first step is to buy a notebook to write in.  Maybe a notebook that reflects your personality.  A particular design, pattern, texture or cover, this adds a personal touch.  You can put personal photos, symbols, places or faces within the first few pages, if you like.  Again you are building a connection to an important tool in your life. Alternatively, you can use an electronic journal, as I did and i continue to use.  As I knew i could never read my own writing (i’m a scribbler) the only other way was to compile a journal on my laptop.  I started with word documents, which was not a good system for keeping everything succinct, as I fondled may way through finding connections.  I came across a great free program which was perfect for keeping everything together.  I could add images and links but most importantly i could search certain key words to link ideas, visions or insights that i had.  You can also add a password to access the program too, if necessary.

Free software program i used:

My layout for each page in the diary were based on certain attributes which were personal to me, some of which are below:

  • Daily Interactions
  • Meditation
  • Self treatments
  • Treatments on others
  • Dreams

I found that altered states of consciousness, such as those in mediation, healing, day dreams and dreams are all tools to give you insight into areas of your life and more.  They can be all connected if the same insight is coming through, so be aware of a synchronicities and common themes.  We are essentially beginning to listen to our soul!

Set time aside daily first thing in the morning or in the evening, to log entries in your journal.  If you are attuned to Reiki or another healing modality then call it in, as it assists with raising your vibration, help with balancing your mind for coherence and facilitates better connection. This isn’t necessary though, so if you are not attuned to a healing modality then close your eyes and take deep breaths until you are relaxed , so your thoughts can flow from a balanced state.

You could also add an intention before you start: ‘ I wish to connect to my higher mind to give me insight into my life.  Let my thoughts and feelings flow with ease, as I am a clear channel of communication. Help me release and transform my patterns, as i allow the stream of positivity, wisdom, and creation enter into my being. ‘

You will start to formulate your own way of journalling and what works for you. If you forget one day catch up on the next, just don’t be hard on yourself.  Do not see it as another thing on the ‘to do’ list. Once you get into the flow it will become second nature.



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