Course Schedule

Although there may be consecutive dates scheduled for Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 and Reiki 2 & Reiki 3 you cannot attend these workshops back to back.  There is a period of integration after each workshop (Attunement) of at least 8 weeks or more.

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One to one workshops are also available upon request at extra cost.

Reiki WorkshopsAPR 2024MAY 2024JUN 2024Price (£)
Reiki Level 1- Online---Ongoing Enquire
Reiki 1 Attunement
Reiki 2 Attunement
Reiki Master Attunement---270
Reiki Master Teacher Training--2ndEnquire

Reiki 8 Month CourseBeginsEarly BirdPrice
*Reiki Mastership Program (8 months)
- 19th May 2024 -£650
(option to pay by instalments)

Egyptian Sekhem WorkshopsAPR 2024MAY 2024JUN 2024Price (£)
Egyptian Sekhem Level 1
Egyptian Sekhem Level 1 Online (1-1)Dates upon request --250
Egyptian Sekhem Level 2

Seichim CoursesEarly 2024Price(£)
Seichim 1 & 2 Initiation
Updated course material TBC

* New Date

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Venue & Class information

Venue:  Various venues in Belfast – Belfast city, Malone Road, Dunmurry.

Days/Times: Workshops are held on at the weekend and on Sundays if possible from 10.30 am to 5.00pm

Class size: Workshops are intimate in number to enable better communication and sharing.  I will have more time to individually work with you so we can ascertain how you work and ways to develop your unique process.  No two people are the same and everyone is unique when practicing energy healing, so it is important for me to spend time with everyone, which is a benefit to you as a beginner or indeed at any level.   Spaces are limited so please book early where possible.

Choosing the right teacher: It is always a big choice to decide who you will learn an energy healing modality from but you are always guided to the right person.  Its important for the teacher to look after themselves and apply certain things in their own life for their own development.  I strongly believe in self-care, self-healing, and self-maintenance in that, how can you teach others, if you are not following the same principles yourself? I do self-treats daily and ensure meditation is a big part of my routine, along with other various tools to keep my energy field and self in balance. I also re-attune myself to these energies every few months as part of my self-care routine.

 “If we are clear channels, then the clearer the energy to be transferred to others“

 Comprehensive manuals and certificates of completion are given and full on-going support throughout your healing progression is in place for you to use when you need to.

Methods of attending

Free courses and treatments program

There are 3 ways in which you can attend a course or workshop:

  1. Scheduled from the timetable above
  2. One to one training (upon request)
  3. Free through the sponsorship & outreach program on an agreed schedule.

Methods of payment

All workshops require a deposit to be paid to hold your place, as the class numbers are kept small. These can be collected either online via PayPal or at the centre where the workshops are being held.

Remaining balances can be paid on the day or you can opt to pay by installments until the day of the workshop. Installments can be paid upon request and are usually on a monthly basis. If you wish to avail of this please select that option in the below form.  Courses and workshop deposits are non-refundable. Payments which are either by installments or paid upfront are also non-refundable once payment has been made or installment plans are in place. That being said, you can offset any payments made against any courses in the future at the discretion of the course facilitator.

Refresher workshops & Booster Attunements

If you have been previously attuned but it has been a while since you practiced any of the healing modalities you may wish to go over the material and have the attunement again. This is a half day course for any healing modalities starting at £45. You will have to produce your certificate previously attained to qualify for the workshop.

Booster attunements follow the same method as above but with the intent of a ‘top-up’. At times, you can be so busy in the world that you may not get the time to self-heal or you just want a lift or boost in your energy and healing. A booster attunement is a great way to enhance the healing process but also in maintaining that connection with your true self by keeping your vibration high.

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