Looking Forward Into 2020 and Back to Love

back to love

The start to the New Year can be a blessing for some and a burden for others. Whether you part take in the wave of the gusto for life with fresh starts and new beginnings or you reminisce over times past. Do you live in the now in anticipation for the future or does your mind dwell in the things that have already occurred?

This year is to be an important year for our own wellbeing and a huge opportunity for the awakening of the self. In taking charge and commanding your body to heal; to create the relationships in life that you desire; to go beyond your own fears and step into your own benevolent true nature and seek to find the creator inside.

You can create anything that you wish in this reality and up until now, you may or may not have unconsciously created. Unconscious creations are perfect when they are, as they are dualistic in bringing the things that you may want, infused with the things you do not. The first part of conscious creation is being aware of the thoughts you have; the emotions you feel and how you act and react in your life. When you are aware of these things, you can benefit from this new viewpoint, so that you can change them. Once you change them an autonomous, harmonising system that is in place (your consciousness, innate self, and higher self) will put in place the resonance you need to like, love, respect, nurture and believe in yourself, in an exponential, comforting and guiding energy navigating you towards what you deserve in this life. Every void in life comes back to the love you have for yourself but it has always been there. This year is about love! How much love we let in, how much love we give out, moreover how much love we have for ourselves.

Along with intentions and goals of the physical body, projects, business ideas, visions, goals and dreams and the like, give some time to connect more, to engage more, to be more present for yourself and others; to love more; to thrive more and building, refining and being the captain of the relation-ships with yourself and others.

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