Reiki Body Massage

Relaxing, empowering & healing

Availability: Taster sessions are available
Venue: Royal Avenue, Belfast
Duration: Full body-60 mins, Back/neck/shoulders-30mins
Price: £30 / £60
Bookings: 07428060338 /Booking form.

A Reiki Body Massage combines slow, purposeful techniques with intuitive movements,a s the flow of Reiki moves in to restore ached limbs and muscles back to life.  We clear, balance and provide sustenance to the Chakras and Physical Body System.

reiki body massageThe beneifts of massage are numerous to release tension and reduce muscle fatigue but with the added influx of Reiki energy making this massage a holistic treatment, working on body, mind and energy.  We will be working through your energetic field and applying focused energy were needed and at the same time restoring and rejuvenating your being back to balance.  This can either set  you up for the day ahead giving you extra mobility, flexibility and vitality or as a wind down to a stressful overworked day, that has took its tool on your physical and emotional body.

Light pressure in its application but highly effective, we work on the upper layers of tissues and  muscles, and on the Etheric Body and its corresponding Chakras to balance and realign them.  A Reiki Body Massage is also perfect for those who may have pain or discomfort in the body.


  • Helps to boost energy levels
  • Physical and energetic body cleansing
  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety
  • Assists in the release of body pain

A full Body Massage lasts 60 mins, whereas a Back /neck/shoulder Massage will typical last 30 mins. Usual massage attire, although you may choose to wear sports shorts as an option.  There will be a consultation process before and a discussion afterwards.

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