How to create a Healing Book

healing book creation

As we progress through the levels of Reiki we are encouraged and given the tools to share healing energies with others.  At Reiki level one we work mostly on ourselves to heal, invigorate our energy field and to clear the pathways to channel more healing light.  At Reiki level two we are given the tools to perform distant healing i.e. send Reiki healing energies to people who are not in the same room where you are situated.  They could be next door, down the street or thousands of miles away.  In terms of Quantum Entanglement everything is connected and there really is no ‘space’ or distance between anyone.   Distance does not matter as the symbols we are given on this level help with transcending time and space, and amplify our own will and intent, to send healing to others.

healingbookShortly after receiving my Reiki level two attunement, i bought a blank hard back covered book for use in distant healing work.  Within the first few pages of the book i attached photographs and images of beings of light (saints, archangels and others) that i resonated with and prayers or words of healing that resonated with me.  The Reiki symbols given at level two were included at the front and also placed at the back of the healing book.  I began to add photos of my family and friends to the book to begin with and as a routine performed distant healing on the whole book.  Everyone within the book received healing light energy all at once.  Over the years i have included people who have come for treatments and names added at holistic fayres. I added a healing book section to this website and received requests for healing from all over the world such as Asia, Middle East, South America, Australia, North America and of course locally too.  It gives me such joy and enriches my own soul to be able to touch people in need of some hope or healing.  I do this via the techniques i had learned in Reiki level two and the loving intervention of my healing guides and source.

On that note, i want to stress the importance of being able to pray (send healing thoughts and intentions) to those who may have a dis-ease whether physical or emotional.  Those who may need some hope, some love or need a little comfort in their lives and it our jobs as workers for light to be able to facilitate this.  I offer the following process to create and conduct a healing session via distance on your own healing book:

  • Purchase a hard back note book (durability)
  • Within first few pages:
    • Attach (glue, staple, celotape) photographs  of beings, saints, archangels etc who resonate
    • Attach draw the Reiki symbols – Power, Balancing, Distance, Master or other symbols that resonate.
  • Write or attach any prayers, positive affirmations or intentions
  • Within the back pages of the book:
    • Attach or write again prayers and the Reiki symbols or other symbols that resonate.
  • Begin filling in the blank pages with photos and/or written names of family members and friends.  You can add other people as you go along.
  • Hold the book in your hands and switch on Reiki (or other) energy.  Intend that you are sending healing light into the book and let it flow for about 20 minutes or so.  Close down as usual.
  • You could ensure that the energy is still flowing to the book after you have finished by taking a clear quartz crystal (cluster is better) and program it for healing.  Crystals are conductors, amplifiers and transmitters of light and energy and clear quartz crystals can be easily programmed with intent.
  • Clear the quartz crystal by using the violet flame, running it under water or using sage with the intent of clearing it. Prepare as you did above by holding the crystal in your hands for 10-20 minutes and intending the crystal be used and filled with Reiki energy.
  • Place the crystal on top of the healing book and the energy will emit from the crystal to the book for at least another 24 hours.  You can have the intent that the crystal drip feed the book for a 24 hour period as well.  To continuously send healing keep  topping up the crystal with Reiki energy every 24 hours or so.

As creators of our own reality thoughts and intentions are very powerful tools that we have been given, not only to create and change our own lives but they also have the capacity to be of help to others.  A healing book is the perfect tool for people to reach out and ask for assistance but also as healers being able to send out healing thoughts and intentions.  Healing thoughts and intentions combined with Reiki are a powerful combination, so give freely have conviction and faith in yourself and in the healing process.   Don’t forget to get creative with your healing book and add your own personal touches that makes it a sacred object within your sacred healing space.

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