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Energy healing treatments can be carried out using Reiki, Seichim, Egyptian Sekhem, Crystal healing or Spiritual healing and last for one hour.  An initial consultation session will outline what is required for the duration of the healing sessions, which can last from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on what is required.  Detailed explanation of a healing session can be found here .  You will also be included in a Reiki Healing book, in which distant healing is sent on a weekly basis.  Treatments are carried out at various places around Belfast and Northern Ireland  If you cannot make it to Belfast then why not have a look into our Sponsorship and Outreach program.

Healing Treatments

I am trained in a range of energy healing modalities to include Reiki, Seichim, Egyptian Sekhem, Spiritual healing and Shamanic healing.  Energy work treatment process is as follows:

  1. Treatment bookings can be made using the form below or via telephone.
  2. Remote tune-in: I will access some energetic information about you remotely by asking my guides to make me aware of any energetic stagnation or imbalance within your body.
  3. At your appointment, we will go through a consultation form and maybe discuss a point of focus for the session.
  4. Proceed with treatment session- which will involve lying on the massage couch fully clothed with a blanket, playing relaxing music.  People find the treatments very relaxing first and foremost and you may feel tingling sessions and waves of hot or cold.  This is the energy working stabilising and rebalancing your energetic system.
  5. Afterwards, we will discuss the session and anything that may have arisen and i will go through the ‘Remote tune-in’ and this may include some higher guidance.  This is to shed more light as to why there may be disturbances in your energy field or things that you need to be aware of to energise or rebalance your mind, body or emotions.
  6. After everything is determined i will make recommendations on certain tools or techniques that may be of benefit to you, to get you back on track.
  7. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after the session is over and you may experience an energetic boost or you may find that you have a restful sleep or your thoughts may settle. These are the initial benefits starting to take shape but more benefits will unfold.

There is an initial energetic foundation being laid which may take up to a few sessions to strengthen and cultivate depending on the nature of the imbalance.  I believe that healing or energetic upliftments are a journey and the journey is the path of self-awareness, self-discovery and self-empowerment, and i will support you along your path of health and healing every step of the way.

I also provide a range of bodywork techniques and massages that complement the healing modalities, as the intention of all bodywork or massages is to release the flow of energy throughout the body, to restore wellness or facilitate relaxation.  A healing massage, which is a combination of both massage and energy work can greatly enhance the healing process. You can choose any of the healing modalities solely or combine with a massage.  Have a look at more information about a Reiki massage and also additional massage techniques.

Healing TreatmentsSingle Session
Price (£)
Block of 4 Sessions
Price (£)
Energy Healing50180
Healing Massage (Intuitive, involving - Ayurvedic, Tibetan, acupressure)70250

Treatment Venue

39 Malone Road or Dunmurry


Treatment Booking Process:

  1. Please complete the form below for availability of appointment
  2. After appointment is scheduled at the appropriate wellbeing centre, a small deposit is required.
  3. Appointment confirmation email is sent to you with further details about preparation and location.

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