Importance of Reiki 21 Day Cleanse

21day cleanse

When you have made the decision to move forward in your life, make a commitment to yourself and empower your own being via having a Reiki attunement, there are a number of changes that what happen to your energy bodies that may lead to some positive life changes.  You are saying to your soul, your higher self that you are ready to take the next step in the life process and you are ready to move on from all those ‘things’ that may have held you back or been a barrier to moving forward within your life.

During the workshops we include energy exercises, tools for self-empowerment, along with how to do self-treatments and of course how to carry out a full Reiki session on other people but the most important aspect is the 21 days subsequent to receiving your Reiki attunement. These 21 days are vital in assisting your body, your subtle bodies and electromagnetic field to integrate this new, powerful Reiki energy stream into your being.  As a result of an increase in your vibratory rate to include an expansion and amplification of each Chakra centre, positive changes will occur.

Regular self-treats are an essential piece of the puzzle to both accelerate and facilitate the changes you will undergo, without self-treats, the changes will be minimised.  This cannot be stressed enough as ‘what you put in, you get out’.  If you make a commitment to yourself and follow the guidelines laid out in the manuals (and below) then you are maximising the effectiveness of the attunement; not only energetically but how it may shift and move through some blockages or imbalances to help you within your everyday life or accelerate you to a new way of thinking or awareness.  What this means, it may give you a greater sense of purpose, wellbeing, peace, joy, harmony or a realisation about areas of your life that no longer serve you or areas that you may wish to pursue that is part of your path in life.  That is a big statement but it is truth, as I have experienced the same changes and so many people have told me about the changes that have occurred within their own life.

21 day Reiki integration process

There is a general 21 day integration process that you may or may not go through.  It depends on a number of variables to include where you are within yourself and vibrational resonance.

Week 1: Physical Body
In this first week the energy will work through your physical body.  Try and get plenty of rest when you can and drink plenty of water.  Meditation, walks and being mindful is beneficial.

Week 2: Emotional /Mental Body
When filtering through these subtle bodies you may experience some clearing, like you would do after a healing session.  This is to release any blocked energy in order for your vibration to be raised.  It is an important step in allowing, acknowledging, accepting and thereby recreating.

Week 3: Spiritual/Casual Body
This week is a coming together, a balancing of the energy cascading to your spiritual body/aspect.  Continuing from this week is a journey and recognition from your soul/ higher self that you have taken a step in the right direction, on the path back to yourself.

In order to support this process here are some recommendations:

  • Self-Treat daily (Very important) A full self-treatment is necessary and if you can also intermittently do an extra 5-10 mins whilst on the bus, in the car or sitting at your desk, this will be more beneficial,
  • Drink plenty of water (there are a number of studies to support the importance of water for your body),
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep,
  • Meditate, do your energy exercises and physical exercise (yoga, walking, other),
  • Walking or being in nature more will help, as not only is it a natural de-stresser but kick starts a cleansing and energy resonance process which especially happens with interactions with Trees.
  • Have cleansing baths with sea salt, Epsom salts or essential oils,
  • Eat good quality fresh food, organic where possible including lots of vegetables and fruit,
  • Complete your daily journal (vital in being more aware of your patterns but also for recording your progress).

21 day process Specific to Reiki Levels

The suggestions above are beneficial for all levels of Reiki but there are some things specific for each level:

Reiki Level One: Self-treatments for 5 minutes per hand position and getting used to a daily practice of completing the daily exercises to ground, protect and strengthen your energetic field.  Practising Reiki sessions on family and friends is important.

Reiki Level Two: Self-treatments for 3 minutes per hand position and using the symbols on your own Chakras and energy field.   Using the Reiki chants to integrate the symbols and practice sessions on other people or if you offer your services to the public even better.

Reiki Master Level: Self-treatments for 3 minutes per hand position and/or if you have your own routine for self-healing and include Violet flame cleansing and being more mindful of your energy field and energy resonances and daily interactions, taking full responsibility for your energy bodies.  The master symbol can be used on yourself and on others as you are guided.  Other symbols are used in the same way and the integration of these symbols is important too.  Continuing a daily practice is important, as you have really made a commitment to yourself by completing this level.

Do not limit yourself to only doing these for the 21 days, as it is important to try and apply these to your everyday life, as a way of life.

The more you use Reiki by doing self-treatments and practising on others, the more you release and raise your own vibration, which means you are a clearer channel for the energy.  If you think of your body/energy system as a funnel that has ‘stuff’ around the sides, stuck to the walls of the funnel and water gets poured through, there will not be an easy flow through that funnel. It may take longer for the water to flow through and thus the flow is not at its full capacity.  The ‘stuff’ needs to be released in order to flow freely.  This is the same as going through your own ‘stuff’, balancing your Chakras, your energy field and by using Reiki on yourself every day, you are building foundations to better health, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual unfoldment, removing obstacles, piecing the puzzles, moving forward and overall life stability.  In turn the energy can flow through you to other people more freely, unrestricted too.  Following the guidelines can help you with the clearing of ‘stuff’ not only on a vibrational level but on a physical level too by taking better care of yourself.  Everything is free will of course and I hope you make the right decision to really make a commitment, which could change your life forever.


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