Repeating patterns in life

repeating patterns

Cycling trivialities and things that keep on happening in life

Have you ever had something happening over and over again with the eventual awareness of it happening? Have you ever had a ‘why me’ situation?  Do you get caught in the loop of doing the same things over and over again? Do you attract the same type of person, time and time again? Do you fall at the same hurdle or cycle around the same thoughts in your head?

We all have at some point but why do these things happen, what is the purpose?

Do you ever stop and think that these cycles are for you to learn something about yourself? Is there something that you could learn from these experiences and just maybe you need to look within and not blame others for these occurrences?  We are the creators of our own lives and it is up to us to become conscious creators.

So let’s say you keep meeting the same type of person in a relationship and it never works out because it’s exactly that-the same type of person therefore similar mistakes are made.  So ask yourself, why am I ‘attracting this’?  Based on what you are sending out, you are ‘attracting’ the same person/thing over and over again.  A better question is, why I am creating this type of person/situation within my life and what do I need to be aware of within myself, which triggers this creation.  After examining the truth about why this happens you may find that this particular type of person always played the role of filling a void you had within yourself.  Did they provide comfort, security or fulfil some materialistic desire or persona.  Did they seem to give you the love that you were seeking but this love was something that you thought you desired or was worthy of.  In other words, was there some sort of ‘lack’ within you which they fulfilled  It is the same thing with anything that cycles or anything that is holding you back.  You have to be aware of the cycle, observe it and do a self-analysis.

There are many, many reasons but the key to it all, is the fact that you have created this for yourself, to tell yourself that something within YOU that needs attention.

Co-creators, our soul, guides and soul mates

We are co-creators of our lives in collusion with our soul/higher selves.  Looking at it from the souls perspective; we agreed to be born on the year, month and hour that it happened.  We chose our families and the circumstances we would face, in order for us to learn and grow from these circumstances, to add these experiences to our soul records.  We came here by choice, we are volunteers!

There is an ongoing communication process in life that is always telling us something we need to be aware of.  Our souls are trying to show us the way so that we recognise these things, we need to pay attention.  They come by way of repeating cycles to make us aware of the same things we do or create in certain circumstances.  Our guides are also there to guide us in our path of learning and of growth in relation to what our soul/higherselves have set out for us (with us).  Everyone is ‘in on it’ and the only thing we are forgetting is that we are too!

All we need to do is simply be ‘aware’ of things that happen in our lives that we create for ourselves.  Begin a process of self-analysis.  Stop the self-pity and cease being a victim of your own creation.  Truly find yourself, through the conquest of the self.  In response to situations say ‘ok’ my soul is trying to get my attention, so what do I have to learn from this and where is this trigger within myself.  A trigger could be something that happened to you in the past may it be traumatic or learned or someone told you and you believed it as your truth.  Something that starts the creation cycle and the chain of events that unfolds to manifest this version of your truth.  Once you realise what these are telling you then your world changes.  You look forward to the next cycle so that you can break the mould, resolve past issues and come into a state of being , more aware of the self and knowing yourself.

We left out a significant part of your life creation and that is your soul mates within your soul group. Everyone has their part to play, so they are playing their roles in your life and you are doing the same in theirs.  You will find that your soul mates (souls within your soul group) may be people in your family, your friends an acquaintance and those people who play their role in your cycles of creation.  We are all here to help each other grow and learn.  No one is ever going it alone, as this is impossible to do.  It may feel so at times but be assured that messages are everywhere for you to be aware of and not just in those cycles for example:

  • Physical body manifestations such as ill health, ailments or other (everything physical is a reflection of thoughts, emotions, trauma and of course patterns too)
  • Direct communication from guides and higherself
  • In dreams and in meditations
  • Words that are spoken by people at times when you need to hear them.
  • Lyrics of songs that you hear at particular times in your life or remind you of specific times/events/people.
  • Feathers that appear at your feet
  • Numbers that are repeating (look up angel numbers)

There are so many ways and the list could continue.  As we live our everyday lives try to be more aware of yourself and these messages.  Try to look at your life from a soul perspective and look outside of the box (so to speak) for the solutions within your own creation.

Final thought: The cycle of everything

We are eternal, always spirit or energy essence and sometimes physical.  As energy never dissipates but transforms from one state to the other we are that energy in the physical and then non-physical after our experience here has ended.   We incarnate into our physical beingness for a reason and that reason is to experience life, get to know ourselves more as physical, learn what we need to grow and expand but most of all become conscious creators while we are here.  Like our universe, galaxies, solar systems and planets we grow and expand but like everything else in the universe that cycles, we do too.  Karmic wheels turn and we cycle through lives and incarnations, as this is our soul’s choice to grow and learn.  Now is the time to break these cycles of trivialities, be aware of our creations, remember why we are really here and integrate this into our daily lives. With this comes truth, growth, courage, strength and excitement of what is to unfold, as you clear the way for new things to enter your life and the joy and knowing of your role, within the bigger scheme of things.

They say the microcosm is part of the macrocosm in that the cycles we are talking about are part of nature and the universe, this grand continuous cycle and we are part of it all going through our mini cycles.  As above so below, what is within me is also outside of me.  ‘I am’ so are yourselves, as i believe the world to be, then it is so.

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