Reiki: Self Treatments in everday Life

reiki self treats in busy worldAs you have given yourself the gift of Reiki by being attuned to the energy, you now have the tools for self development and empowerment in your life.

It is important to self treat daily for the 21 days after an attunement contained as part of the Reiki workshop.  The recommended time based on the hands positions taught is 45-60mins for Reiki level One and 30-45mins for Reiki level Two and i would recommend at least 30 mins Reiki Master Level, Seichim and Egyptian Sekhem too. So what happens after the 21 days?  and what does this mean long term?

By giving yourself Reiki on a daily basis you actively clear and balance your own energetic field via your chakras.  As you know the chakras play a pivotal role in how the energy is circulated throughout our being.  Any chakra imbalances will slow the flow of energy within this part of the body, which can manifest as a physical ailment.  These imbalances are things that happen in our everyday lives, as well as longer term events which affect us, hold us back or project some sort of fear within us.

As we know these events (those that have the greatest emotional impulse) are held within our energetic fields and mind body complex. Over a period of time like a cascading affect, our thoughts and feelings about these events can fester and result in physical trauma.  If we take the example of stress with a situation, which is bombarding your thoughts and emotions then your body reacts, as the energy system slows (the current of the flow within the chakras is weak).  As a result our vitality can dip, we can develop stress related illnesses such as ulcers, high blood pressure and headaches and even a medically termed conditions such as “fibromyalgia”.  Lack of sleep and the secretion of adrenaline can overwork us even more.  This is a vicious cycle, which can be alleviated. Self treats begin to stimulate the current or flow of the chakras and give your body rest by balancing the adrenals, calming the mind, soothing the emotions, which can have beneficial affects on physical health.

At a deeper level we can get to the root cause of the physical symptoms by resolving them within our lives and restore our health and wellbeing.  Now you have the tools through self treats!

If you miss, don’t worry everywhere is a treatment room

Of course as part of the 21 days there are guidelines to follow as to the amount of time, the hand positions and best times of the day, to do self treats (which is usually the morning or evening times). These guidelines are great but what if you don’t have enough time or should i say if you don’t set proper time aside to complete.  Never beat yourself up and definitely don’t give up, as the Reiki energy doesn’t care whether you are seated, lying down or on the move, you can adopt.  Yes a full treatment is the most beneficial but 10-15 mins is better than nothing at all.  Longer term after the 21 days this method of not beating yourself up is crucial to keeping the practice going.  Life can take over but not letting it consume you as a person and most certainly not the things that benefit you most.

Reiki self treatmentsThankfully, self treats can be done anytime and everywhere!  At home, at work, in the car, bus, train, making food and even walking down the street.  Again a full hands on session is the most beneficial but ‘activating’ or having the intent of calling Reiki in and letting it flow is the first step.  The next step is to either let it ‘go where it needs to’ or you could mindfully by focused intent bring it through your body.  Heres a quick exercise:

  • Switch Reiki on (whatever way you do so or have been shown)
  • Have the focus and intent of filling up your crown chakra front & back, as it clears and balances.
  • See it move down to your next chakra (3rd eye) and have the same visualisation of filling and balancing this chakra too.
  • Continue to work your way down through the rest of your chakras to your root chakra.
  • After your root chakra, imagine then the flow of energy either extending from this chakra to the centre of the earth or energy extended from the soles of your feet like roots of a tree into the centre of the earth.
  • Finally have the intent of sealing the energy in your auric field and/or imagine yourself in a ‘bubble’ that will seal & protect your energetic field for the rest of the day.  You can of course have the final intent of being surrounded by Archangel Michaels cloak of protection too.

This can be completed in a few minutes and is a  great way mindfully keep connected to Reiki (or Seichim & Egyptian Sekhem), balance your chakras, ground yourself and seal & protect your auric field for the day.  You could also use the violet flame at certain times in the day to clear and recharge.

I do self treats on a daily basis and have been doing so for a number of years now.  This is to ensure that i am as clear as i can be for giving treatments or doing workshop attunements.  It also adds value to my life in everyday situations and interactions.  As we are living our lives, we interact with our environment, people, places and electronic devices which can effect us one way or the other.  So there is always opportunities to balance our energy fields and chakras and bringing yourself back to focus. 

For me the morning works the best, as this sets me up for the day.  I find if i leave any longer than life can get in the way of a full treatment.  If i miss it first thing in the morning then i will do at some stage in the day, as a quick session either on my travels or when i’m out and about.

When self treating its not about forcing yourself to do it but it is about realising the benefits of the practice to you and in your daily life.  When you know how it can help with your thoughts, emotions, physical vitality and enhance your meditation practice, affirmations, goals, creation and attraction of things in your life, then you never want to miss an opportunity to give yourself a ‘blast’.  “Anytime, anywhere…” is the motto for energy practices, as they compliment your life in so many ways.

Have patience and go easy with yourself but also have fun with Reiki and experience it, as it should be experienced.. as, an extension of yourself!


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