Life changes and your path choices


The only thing in life that is permanent is change!  This is probably one of the most important realisations that you should know and instil in your daily life.

As you waken in the morning the day is different from the day before.  You feel different from when you went to bed.  You may do the same routines and have the same thought patterns but there are always variations, new creations, realisations, learnings and unfoldings.  Moments are just that, moment after moment, after moment.  Our perception, our consciousness is programmed in a way to see these series of moments as one long continuous flow of existence. You feel different now than you did 10 seconds ago!  You will feel different from when you started reading this, until you get to the end of the page!

Awareness is the key to this realisation.  Many have spent years developing an awareness of ‘being in the moment’, some have woke up and just ‘been in the moment’, others say they ‘live in the moment’.  All are different in interpretation but the underlying theme is the same.  Don’t let life pass you by, realise that how you feel now, will be different how you will feel in the next series of moments.  Situations and events that occur within these moments are still bound by the same principle of impermanence.  Something always comes and passes, whether its the sun, the rain, friendships, relationships, marriages or physical life but awareness is the key to accepting these changes and following your heart in the decisions that you make.

As we move forward with our spiritual path and finding our own truth these situations, interactions and events happen in a rapid coherent way.  Some call them synchronicities, good luck or bad luck, gifts, blessings or curses.  It is is a matter of awareness not point of view.  When you are at least aware of what is occurring then you will know that these will fall under one or more of the following:

  • Karmic interactions
  • Path life unfoldments
  • Areas in your life that are not true any more
  • Areas of your life that are an inbound expression of the creator.
  • Purposely or consciously created manifestations by you
  • non-purposely or unconscious creations by you.
  • Other complex manifestations via various consciousness grid expressions.

In my own life i began my path of truth many years ago.  I went through major life changes, which involved a very long term relationship ending, a change in career, a re-education, a change in where i lived.  It was a complete upheaval after years of commitment to my career goals, opportunities in the direction of the company i was employed by, finally settling in a new home, and i even had a new car (tongue in cheek).  The point is, that i was secure in the expectations from this 3d reality of existence. In other words, from birth society dictated how i should grow and the goals i should pursue and that was no longer my truth. At that stage in my life i had began to ask questions about the reality we live in; how we all came to be here and most importantly for me at that time; how we operated in this existence and the continuation of an existence after physical life.  I had an immediate response from the universe that was basically saying “Your current life is not your whole truth”.

After i developed awareness of impermanence  i realised the guidance, changes, upheavals and (At the time) tough situations, events and interactions, were just temporary.  Even more so, i knew i had been ushered down a wide path containing loads of obstacles both internal and external (which is a reflection) to a narrower path of focus. Its still bumpy but not as turbulent.  There may be many upheavals and turbulences to come because that’s why we are here…to experience.  This existence is experiential in nature.  These changes can shake your foundations, shatter your current truth and provide you with a new way to see yourself and the new outward manifestations of your own reality.

You will go through life upheavals as a light worker (if you like) or a soul who is on the path to truth.  No matter what the truth may be it is unique to you.  Your truth is not someone else’s truth but once you are on the path then it is inevitable that you change within yourself and plant seeds as you walk your path.  You may decide to offer your assistance to people or not but you can also be the truth from no matter were you are, no matter live, work or be, as its your own truth, which is always perfect!  Sometimes we only see a little way down the path but know that each of these moments are perfect in every way.  Have faith in the universe or the ultimate truth as the master creator, have faith in yourself as a co-creator and your highest aspect (higher self) as the orchestrator.







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