Seichim Mastership Weekend Workshop

Upcoming: Seichim Mastership Weekend- Seichim 1&2 plus Master level

Date: 22nd-23rd July 2017
Venue: Dunmurry, Belfast
Time: 10.30am- 4.30pm (both days)
Investment: £190 (Plces are limited-Deposit required to secure place)
Bookings: 07428060338 or course booking form.



Heart Chakra

This one day workshop will cover Seichim levels 1& 2 but also the Seichim Master level Initiation. It is being offered for those who are keenly interested and drawn to the Seichim energies and want to accelerate their own healing process and to use in their existing healing practices on others.

Seichim has its origins in Ancient Egypt which was used at that time for healing and transformational work.  Seichim is similar to Reiki in that the energy comes from the universal energy field and universal consciousness, which is the source of everything. Seichim healing is a different but more focused vibrational healing energy than Reiki but both are complementary to each other, in that you can use both within the same healing session.  Seichim for me works on the emotional body and the heart centre to balance and ground the energy within your being.

Self-healing with Seichim can be profound and because of its focused vibration can get to the root cause of ailments but also can ignite part of the soul that you need to remember of times past connected to Ancient Egypt.

What we will be covering:

Seichim 1& 2 (Saturday)

  • Seichim level 1& 2 attunement
  • Origins of Seichim
  • History of Seichim
  • How it works
  • Conducting a healing session
  • Preparing the space and yourself
  • Working with Seichim and using both Reiki & Seichim in a healing session
  • Secihim symbols and more…

Seichim Master Initation  (Sunday)

  • Secihim master attunement
  • Additional symbols for empowerment
  • Sending seichim over distances
  • Cosmic healing bank
  • Scanning the body
  • How to disperse and focus the energy during a treatment and more…

In order to complete this day, you will need to be a Reiki Practitioner (Level 2) or equivalent (e.g Spiritual healer, IET Practitioner etc)

You will be presented with the Seichim levels 1&2 and Seichim Master Certificate of completion to include both comprehensive manuals



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